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  • Batiste Dry Shampoo Australia

    Batiste Hair Dry Shampoo is one of the leading companies for dry shampoo products.

    The web presence is a responsive theme with 3 break points for desktop, tablet and mobile users.

    I was involved in the initial design brainstorming, the wireframing of the project and the frontend development of the main template.

  • Career Magnifier

    Career Magnifier is one of the Australian leading online career assessment websites.

    The online presence was developed on top of a custom PHP framework.

    My involvment in this project was in the design process as also in the frontend development.

  • Novotel Brighton Winter Wonderland Campaign

    A promotional campaign for Novotel Brighton involving different sized Ad banners, email template design and landing page.

  • CashatCall Mobile Themes

    This project was all about creating mobile themes for several sibling sites for CashatCall. The core feature is a multistep application process.

  • Optimise Wealth Management

    Optimise Wealth Management is a fancial planning company. The task was to refresh the online presence.

    The website is a custom, 3 breakpoint Wordpress theme optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile users.

    The online theme was entirely developed by myself.

  • Genii Print Management

    Genii Print Management approached us with the task to facelift their online presence and to optimize their current site for mobile users.

    The main menu on the homepage is made in Flash but comes with a fall-back version made in HTML.

    The mobile version of the site is purely developed by using different CSS styles.


    The Tibetan Healing Practices Institute of Australia approached me for a new online presence.

    One of the main tasks was to break the typical clichees and find a new age look for the topic.

    The result is a clean, simple structured concept with the main emphasis of problem releaving solutions.

  • Sabots

    Concept for a University project which invites students to submit article to be judged and the possibility to win a price. Winning articles are published and nominated for awards.

  • Jekz Shoes

    Jekz Shoes is a Perth based comfort and health shoe store exclusively providing Earth Shoe products.

    The website concept which promotes naturality and earthy values was built on top of a custom store framework.

    The main development highlight was a 360° custom flash shoe preview.

  • GroupPrezzie

    GroupPrezzie is a gift managing and processing service. I was involved in the strategic, design and development of the project.

  • DebtSmart

    This showreel to promote DebtSmart, a Mortgage and Investment Strategy program, ws entirely animated in Aftereffects and than promoted online.

    The showreel was so successfull that AMP themself enquired for an own AMP version of it.

  • ASP Plastics

    ASP Plastics is a leading company in Plastic Moulding and Injections located in Penrith Valley.

    The theme, showcasing the product range and video clips of the services, was developed entirely on Wordpress.

    Thewebsite was designed with the aim of reinforcing ASP's presence in the online market.

  • Fetch TV

    Fetch TV is a digital TV and entertainment provider. With Fetch you can watch News, Movies, Docus, Facebook, Google and more.

    The aim was to design a online appearance to promote the new service. The website concept highlights the different features as a javascript based slideshow.

  • Atlas AC

    Atlas AC is an architetual construction company located in Sydney with projects like 'Platinum O'Riordan' on O'Riordan Street.

    The website concept uses a mix of Flash and javascript interactive and style solutions to suggest a sofisticated premium end design.

  • Dreamfighter

    Dreamfighter is a online sports gear store with the momentary focus on T-Shirts. Juuce designed the different T-Shirt designes available on the store.

    The store was built entirely on top of Wordpress. One of the main features is the javascript magnifying function to enlarge areas of the product detail image and the usage of product variations for different size, colour and price.

  • DSK Kitchens

    DSK is develops ergonomic and and superior quality kitchen solutions.

    The online presence was designed on top of a custom built framework which allows the administrator to update almost any aspect of the site.

    The DSK project also involved the development of other company necessities like heavy vehicle design, company entrance panel design and more.

  • Boundary Rider

    Boundary Rider is an online Risk Software Application developed by Credit Risk Systems.

    The website concept features a 3 level circular flash based navigation as well as demo screenshots of the software.

    The application design itself features all possible intraxtive states and was optimised for .xaml application markup.

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